SLTC 2018 offers the following co-located workshops taking place on Wednesday 7 November:

  1. 7th Workshop on NLP for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (NLP4CALL)
    Organizers: Ildikó Pilán, Elena Volodina, Lars Borin and David Alfter.
  2. Workshop on Automatic Detection of Language Change
    Organizers: Nina Tahmasebi, Yvonne Adesam and Susanne Vejdemo.
  3. Third National Swe-Clarin Workshop: Making ends meet
    Organizers: Lars Borin, Daniel Brodén and Leif-Jöran Olsson.
    Contact person: Lars Borin,
    Note: This workshop has been merged with Automatic Detection of Language Change.

The workshops are held in Aula Magna (walkway address Frescativägen 11; taxi address Frescativägen 6; map with directions). More information is available at the respective website.